Thursday, 6 August 2015

Paper Tulips and Blue Gatorade

Greetings fellow hippie-freaks!

I know, I know, it’s been a while since we hung out here. You all cool? Sweet.
Well I had to swing by today and fill you in on a pretty special occasion; the prom.

Okay, I know you cats are thinking that I’m way too old for prom, and so is Gabe, but hear me out. We were rapping the other day about nothing much, kind of jumping from one topic to another, you dig? And the subject of prom came up. Turns out, neither one of us ever went to prom. Gabe never finished high school, so he never got the chance, and I just split from any social hang-outs at all. Nothing I hate worse than crowds. Anyways.

Gabe was telling me that he always kind of wondered what it’d be like to go to prom with a chick; you know, pick her up at the door, bring her flowers, go dancing, champagne, all that jazz. It was kind of a downer, and I told him that I would have gone to prom with him if I would have been alive then. (We get our kicks out of that sometimes… keep it in your head that we’re 25 years apart.)

Anyways, I had to split and pick up something for lunch. When I came back with the eats, our pad was weirdly quiet. I hollered for Gabe, and then I heard music. I dumped the food in the kitchen, and when I got out to the living room, I was in for a shocker; Gabe was decked out in a suit. I have no clue where he got the threads. I didn’t think he’d ever owned one. It kinda don’t jive with the ponytail, you dig?

So I’m standing there like a dork, and then I clue in to what song is playing; “Can’t Fight This Feeling” by REO Speedwagon, which is “our song.” And dang, if Gabe didn’t sweep me into a slow dance right there in our pad. And then, when the song ended, he sat me down on the couch and served me our drink of choice (blue Gatorade; we’re both on the wagon) in a wine glass and proposed a toast. And then he brought out a picture of tulips that he’d cut out of a magazine. That might sound crazy, but I really dig tulips and I guess that was as close as he could get to a for-real bouquet of them. And then he pulled out a bag of our favorite potato chips as a treat.

Now all that might sound square to you, but for me it was righteously groovy. It was just so us, you dig? Our song, the slow dance, the blue Gatorade, our favorite chips, even paper flowers… it meant a lot, because there was a heavy meaning there.

When we first got together, Gabe and I decided that we would never spend a lot of money on each other or that we wouldn’t go all crazy with big vacations and stuff. The simple stuff just means more, you dig it? We’d take a cruise on some backroads and maybe an ice-cream over a big fancy getaway any day. Like how the ring that cost Gabe ten bucks never comes off my finger and how he keeps a heart-shaped rock in his pocket because I gave it to him.

Simple is always better, and me and Gabe agree that no one ever had a groovier prom than we did!

Peace out! 

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