Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A thought from Gabe

hey gang, gabe here... well zoey, my little chickadee, has been asking me if i have a thought or 2 for our blog... i say "oh yeah babe i do" ...it has been a hard week for me. well christmas around the corner makes my head spin a little if you can dig what i'm saying....My chick is a lot younger then me and sometimes people treat me like i'm some kind of crazy dude for wanting to be with  my  young chick. The fact of the matter is, hey dudes no one could love anyone like i love my zoey man ..it is like totally out of this world. we have so much in common and she is like so cool to be with and i will love her always. The world stares at us kinda strange but we are weird birds anyway... i would rather be a weird rare bird then be just another bird , you dig?  so for you strange couples my advice is to laugh, live, and love. we are only traveling through once man so enjoy and be yourself.