Monday, 24 August 2015

Live Free

hey gang hows it going... well my chick got after me today and said "hey gabe it's your turn man" i say "for what babe" and zoey says "your turn to write a post" so here goes... 
well as you know i'm a bit older then my chick zoey, and i read an article that some dude wrote about the myths of being much older then my chick . as you all know i'm 50 and she is 25, we are kind of a little ways apart but we are cool... anyway the article says that it wouldn't work but here we are man, happy as birds, they say we have nothing in common but we are more alike then anyone and we dig each other like no one else.. we have so much in common that it scares us, you dig? they said she was after my money; holy cow man sure hope zoey ain't on this bus for the money cause she will be gettin' off at the next stop. to be honest i have never hung with anyone like my zoey... while the world is calling us the weird couple and saying all kinds of crap behind our backs we are just enjoying the ride... let me say this dudes; be happy, be yourself and find a chick you can laugh with. you know, one you cant live without like my precious zoey. she is the greatest thing that happened to this crazy dude lol. so go and have fun, live like there is no tomorrow, and find that special chick that will make everything groovy... so i guess you will all be hearing from me when zoey says i have to write again...peace out gang .

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