Monday, 25 May 2015

Hoodie Hype

Greetings beautiful people… you all doing hip? Cool? Groovy?

Gabe and I are having a laid-back week so far… of course, it’s only Monday. Last week, on the other hand, wasn’t so hip… Gabe had to be away for a while (family member with some health stuff going on) and I don’t do too good left alone… he’s not so groovy when he has to leave me either. We ran up a crazy phone bill, calling each other about 20-30 times a day (No fooling!) like we do any time we’re separated. Some people say we’re obsessed in a, like, “unhealthy” way, calling each other so much… like we’re being possessive or some of that junk. But man, we just need to be in contact all the time or we lose it.

What was I rappin’ about… oh yeah, so Gabe blew our joint, and I was getting pretty down. So this one night, when I was getting ready to crash, I went digging in the closet for something warm to wear, since it gets pretty chilly sometimes, you dig? And I dug up an old red sweatshirt/hoodie thing that Gabe’s been wearing since way before I met him. One of those thrift store finds that turns into a gold mine, I guess. Anyways, it sure smelled like him (or his cologne, I guess)!

So I grabbed it and hauled it on… pretty warm and cozy, and his scent all over it kind of make it feel like he was right there with his arms wrapped around me. So yeah, I kept wearing it while he was away… got into the habit of reaching for it before I crashed.

Anyways, he came home, and we were getting ready to crash this one night when I came into the room wearing his hoodie. I guess he was kind of shocked. “Yeah, I’ve been wearing it every night since you went away… kind of makes me feel like you were here, with your smell and everything, you know? Is that cool?”

And he kind of choked up a little. “Yeah, it’s cool… it’s just, when I used to be a kid in high school, I used to dream about having a girlfriend, and I always kind of pictured giving her one of my hoodies and her wearing it around… I never thought it’d actually happen.”

Well then, of course, I kind of choked up myself, ‘cause it melts a girl when her man gets emotional, and I said, “The crazy thing is, I used to imagine having a boyfriend who’d let me wear his hoodies and stuff and like it. And I never imagined that would happen either.”

So then we had one of those little laugh/cry happenings. People think Gabe’s a real rough dude, with the ponytail and everything, but he’s got a real soft heart, and even now he kinda gets this goofy grin when I come out wearing that hoodie, which I pretty much claimed.

So yeah, that was the Great Hoodie Happening… just another way for us cats to get closer and another way to fall in love.

What kind of week have you beautiful folks been having?

Peace out! 

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