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I’m Zoey Rain. You can call me Zoey, or Rain, whichever you like. I’m cool with either. And this is our pad… mine and Gabe’s. It’s our little corner of the world wide web where we’re safe to hang out and just be US. Wanna know more? Keep reading my friend.

Who: Zoey Rain and Gabriel (Gabe). Just a pair of music-loving, peace-loving people who love to hang out, have adventures, and love each other and the people around us. I’m 26, and Gabe is 51, and we adore each other. In coming blog posts, we’ll talk more about our relationship and how we got to where we are now.

What: A laid-back place for beautiful people to hang out and talk about stuff. Peace, love, music, and all kinds of other neat stuff. No bad vibes here.

Where: Somewhere on the East Coast… we’ll keep you guessing.

When: In the here and now.

Why: There’s a lot of bummer stuff out there now… lots of negative vibes, lots of hate, people flipping out, lots of other stuff that’s a real drag. Our blog is called Imagine Sunshine, because this world could use a whole lot more sunshine/love/peace/happy times/music, you dig?

Likes: (Zoey Rain) Long, flowy skirts, headbands, music, being out in nature, bright colors, cats, whales, fantasy books, flowers/gardening, sun, being independent, anything old, good friendships, affection, VW vans, playing guitar, going barefoot, peace, love, being with my man. (Gabe) Fresh air, being free, chilling out, open spaces, good simple food, music, lovin’ my chick. 

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