Saturday, 11 April 2015

Couldn't Fight the Feeling

So a lot of you cats might be wondering how me and Gabe ended up together anyways. How do a 50 year old dude and a 25 year old chick end up in that kind of relationship?

Well, we never started out like that! We met at a local street festival where some friends introduced us. I brought my guitar that day, and we started rapping about the grooviest music out there. Turns out we dig the same stuff. And after that, we just kept running into each other! At the market, at festivals, at art shows; and we’d always end up talking. We have so much in common it’s crazy… almost scary. We like the same music, the same food, the same styles, the same places, whatever.

So we just started chilling together. We used to meet up in different places and just hang. First it was all about the music, since that was how we met, but pretty soon we realized we just had a blast being together. We’d grab a burger or some fries from a stand and just wander around the city, poking in all the weird little shops. We’d jump in his jalopy and go for a ride all over the county, exploring all the backroads, getting stuck on trails, and laughing our heads off. Both of us kind of knew that we had a thing for each other, but it wasn’t really something we talked about.

So this one, day, we were out cruising and Gabe said he had something to tell me. We pulled off the road on this little trail, and he put a song on the player. It was REO Speedwagon playing “I can’t fight this feeling anymore.” And Gabe asked if he could hold my hand while it played. I’ll just drop the song here so you cats can take a listen.

So in the end, Gabe didn’t say much… he didn’t have to. That song became “our song” and we listen to it almost every day. It wasn’t too long after that that we realized we were totally gone on each other, and we couldn’t live without each other. And after that we officially got together.

And we’ve been together now for two years, and we still can’t live without each other. 

Peace out!!!

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Those Downer Days

Today was a BAD day for me. Downer. Bummer. Heavy. A drag. The pits. Whatever.

See, I struggle with depression real bad sometimes. Sometimes I can be copacetic for months, but then it hits… today was one of those days. One of those days where you crash and you never want to move again. You cry and slobber snot until you don’t even know who you are anymore. And you wish you were dead.

Yeah, I said it. You can imagine sunshine, but sometimes the tornado hits you in the face, and dude, it sucks. This was the first time it happened in a while. Just out of nowhere, bang-o daddy-o.

At least Gabe was around. I don’t know what I’d do without my man. Before we got together, I’d just crash when those episodes would hit… nothing for it but to wait ‘em out, which could take days.

But Gabe’s cool with that; instead of telling me to chill or get over it, he’s just puttering around our pad, rubbing my back, getting me a drink, getting me in and out of the shower when I’m too flaked to do it myself, holding my hand, rapping about nothing in particular to get my mind off “it.”

I’ve said before how Gabe’s a real beautiful guy… and he knows what depression’s like. Actually, the only person I’ve ever met who understands what it’s like. And we laugh about it because when I’m down, he’s up… when he’s wigging out, I’m the groovy one. One of us is always ready to haul the other one out of “it.”

So today I was moping around, pretty much off my head, telling him he should leave me and all that because I was a real drag… and darned if he didn’t sit there with big crocodile tears rolling down and tell me how he loved me too much to leave me, but if I wanted to go, he’d help me. Made me bawl all over again. What a righteous guy.

So anyways, I chilled after a few hours and we got it settled that no one’s splitting, we’re in this for the long haul. Glad that’s over. I’d just crash and die without my baby around. I mean, I would totally crash. It would kill both of us if we ever had to split up. We read each other’s minds so much it’s freaky. Finishing each other’s sentences and everything. And people totally don’t get it because of the age difference… but hey, love is supposed to be ageless anyways right? At least, with these two cats it is.

And that’s the way it’s gonna stay dudes!!

Peace out!!

Monday, 6 April 2015

Church, Religion, and Me

Church is so full of hate, man. It’s a downer to say it, but man, is it ever true. I mean, I was raised in a pretty religious home. My parents made sure that all six of their kids went to church, mission meetings, VBS, you name it. If it was churchy, we were there. But you know what? Those cats are so full of hate for anyone who’s not exactly like them. Bummer, because the guy they serve, my Man Jesus, is a pretty cool dude… not like his so-called followers.

Me and Gabe found that out when we first got together. I mean, here we are, 25 years apart in age, and it’s like we’d never really lived before we met each other. Gabe’s a real beautiful guy, really laid-back and gentle. But when we tried going into a church, man, everyone flipped out. First cats thought he was my uncle or my old man or something… then they found out we were together, and they kind of went crazy. First it was the nasty looks, then it was the comments… the preacher decided to come down and give us a “talk”…yeah man. No good to preach peace and love if you ain’t living it, is what we say. Wasn’t like we were getting laid or showing up in church wasted or anything. Even if we were, I always thought the establishment was supposed to accept everybody… the rules don’t apply to those cats I guess.

So me and Gabe, we pretty well cut out of church… we prefer hanging with the beautiful people out on the street. Funny, but they treat us nicer than anyone we know. Even our families… mine freaked when I announced that me and Gabe were together. They pretty much don’t speak to us except to argue. Which is pretty sad… Because Gabe adores me and I adore him. We read each other’s minds all the time. I laugh harder with him than I do with anyone else. And we love sneaking away for adventures. We’ll write about ‘em as they happen, because we want the whole world to imagine sunshine instead of letting all those judgemental cats rain on our parade, you dig?

So yeah, the whole church thing has us bummed out… especially because this cat Jesus, is pretty cool (I think.) Don’t call me a Christian though… I don’t want to maintain with those cats. I’m down with having Jesus as my Spiritual Master though… after all, the Christians love him, the Buddhists say he was a wise man, the Muslims call him a Prophet… he’s the one dude that pretty much every religion has in common, so we wanted to check him out, Gabe and I. We’ll blog more about that too.

What do you lovely people think? About church, about Jesus, about love and relationships? No hate/bad vibes, but we’d love some words from you dudes and chicks!

Peace out