Thursday, 14 May 2015

Yoga or Jesus (or both?)

So, like, it’s been a while since we’ve dropped in… Gabe and me have been on a kick lately that I wanted to rap a bit about.

Gabe’s pretty heavy into the health stuff… eating clean, working out, all that. Now, I don’t mind walking around downtown a bit, but Gabe can be pretty persistent when he wants me to try something. So I figured, why not get into some stretches and stuff?

So I started poking around, looking for something that would be a fit for me. Cause, you know, I’m sort of “out there” and I don’t do good with programs of any kind. Reason why I never got into working out. Yeah.

So anyways, I kept coming on these articles and stuff that talked about yoga and stuff. Now, keep in mind that I was raised in a super-religious home. Yoga was a big no, ‘cause of the whole Eastern thing. (church-going cats don’t want nothing to do with Buddha ya’ll.)

But ignoring all the mantras and stuff, I kept seeing all these great exercises that I wanted to try. So then I had to rap with myself, “Are you gonna try this yoga thing or are you going to keep letting prejudice from your kid years keep you tied up?”

Then I remembered a quote I heard years ago, something along the lines of, “everyone’s gotta work out their own salvation.” I’ve said before that I’m cool with Jesus as a spiritual master… heck, even the Buddhists thought so. So I was like, “Why not do yoga and just think about light and love and peace and compassion, like Jesus would’ve, instead of getting into all the Nirvana and “OM” stuff?”

And I gotta say, it’s been going pretty well… I feel more flexible and healthy (plus I love that me and Gabe can do our health thing together) and I discovered a lot of great zen music that I can really jive with. The whole yoga deal is, like, outdoorsy and peaceful and soft and free, which is my type of thing… so yeah, it’s been pretty groovy! I’d say, “give it a try, if you haven’t already.”

I’m even gonna drop one of my favorite tracks here… and no, I don’t do yoga for two hours, I just like having it playing around the house. (And Gabe likes napping to it after he works out, haha) 

What about you beautiful people? Yoga or no?

Peace out!

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