Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Hippie Holidays from "Jessica" and "Chris"

Hippie Holidays flower children!
And how are you beautiful people? Cool? Groovy? Hip?

Well I have to tell you cats about one of the funniest things that ever happened to me and Gabe. We got our Christmas tree up the other day... just a little second-hand number that we picked up in a garage sale... and we were jazzing it up with some little handmade stuff and some pretty lights.

So Gabe comes home from work last week righteously hyped over these handpainted ornaments he found. You know, we always try to go for handmade/recycled/locally sourced stuff and all that. So Gabe, no foolin', bounces in through the door all hyped over these handpainted decorations. And man, they were pretty groovy. I was rapping to Gabe about how pretty they were, until I noticed something written on the back. "Uh, babe? Who's "Jessica"?"

My man stops, looks at me, looks at the ornament, and then holds up the one he has in his hand. His has "Chris" written on the back. Turns out my man must have been spaced or something 'cause the dude grabbed personalized balls without even seeing the names on 'em...

Well, we musta laughed for about fifteen, nonstop. Gabe laughed so hard he actually cried, and sat there with tears rolling down his face, and he keeps repeating, "Dude, I saw "Chris" but read it so fast I thought it said Christmas!"
And I just laid on the floor laughing until my stomach hurt. "Far out, Gabriel... that's a winner, dude."

So anyways, Gabe was pretty bummed 'cause his big idea kinda died. Me, I just hung those decos on the tree anyway... they're still groovy, and my man picked 'em out, and plus they make us laugh, so it was copacetic. Man, we'll remember this one for a few... now Gabe goes around calling me "Jessica" and I call him "Chris"... maybe we should change our names!

You beautiful souls have a funny story to send us?

Peace out

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