Sunday, 3 January 2016

Holidays and bummer churches

Hippie New Year beautiful brothers and sisters!

Gabe and I hope you all had a groovy Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Kwanzaa/ Holidays/ Whatever it is you celebrate. (We hope you celebrated something, even if it's just bein' alive.)

Gabe and I had a cool holiday... when we spent it alone. Gabe saw his family and I saw mine, but it's always reeeeally awkward because his family don't want to be around me, and my family can't stand it when Gabe comes around. So yeah, we spent Christmas day in our own little world... we got a chicken dinner to eat home, cuddled on the couch and watched movies (the Grinch (Gabe's choice) and Charlie Brown (mine)) Gabe gave me these groovy earrings with shiny red stones in 'em... I gave him an African bracelet (handmade). Plus there were chocolates and other cool stuff. We just lazed around and relaxed. So it was hip that way, but on the other hand it was real rough because of the whole tension with family thing. I guess you could say Christmas was an upper and a downer.

So for New Years' it was pretty much the same gig... we hung out and loved on each other, and had some pretty heavy conversations too.

Don't think for a second that we don't have struggles, being in a May-December relationship. I'm faced with the fact that Gabe's not always going to be here... and that kills me because I just don't see how I can live without him. And it kills Gabe because no matter how many times I tell him we're groovy, he sometimes wonders if I would be better off with a partner closer in age.

So yeah, we deal with heavy stuff all the time. We did a little gig in a cafe for New Year's Eve, which was cool because we had some really beautiful brothers and sisters that we know from the music biz stopping by. The only thing that was a bummer was how many times Gabe got asked, "Hey man, is this your daughter?" I wanna go out and get a shirt printed that says, "I'm His Lover, Not His Daughter."

And then there's today...

First Sunday of the new year, so Gabe and I rapped about going to church. We don't usually, but I guess we figured it was be a hip time to go. You know, new year, fresh start, love and peace, all that... well, there weren't no love and peace in that church. Oh it started out OK, lots of smiles and "glad to see you"s... mostly from people who spread gossip about us when we first got together. Then it kind went bummer from there. People asking nosy questions like, "So are you two married yet?" "Oh, you're *still* together?" and other snide stuff... I stuck it out for a while, till I noticed that Gabe got up to use the john and didn't come back in. I waited around and then slipped out when everyone stood up to sing a hymn. I went out and found Gabe crying in the truck. People don't realize that my man has a real soft heart and gets hurt pretty quick. He said someone pulled him aside with "concern for his soul" and told him that we were "sinning against God" by living together and that Gabe was "defiling me" 'cause I'm a younger woman.
Well, we left... I mean, everyone can have their own opinion, but to just go preach to someone that you don't even know, only heard about from gossip, well, that's low. A real bummer. I told Gabe today that I'm not going back there again.... bunch of nosy, do-gooder, hate-filled hypocrites. That's not to say that all churches are like that... I've been in some cool ones... but there isn't a one around here that hasn't heard about Gabe and me and automatically decided that we're wrong without even listening to our side of the story. How we support each other, make each other laugh, hold each other when we cry, act silly together, have serious raps about stuff, work together, act young and free together, how we make each other better people.

I told Gabe the other day that I can understand why gay people have such a hard time of it in church... it's so rough to be labeled before cats even know you, man.

So yeah... I've said before that we're down with Jesus as our Spiritual Master... but it looks like His people don't wanna accept us so I guess we'll just have to follow Him in our own way.

Love and sunshine to all of you beautiful people!

Peace out!

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